Klay Kitchen

Klay Kitchen is an initiative set up to get chefs and hospitality workers into the pottery studio. With almost 20 years of experience working in restaurants and cafes, Yasmin was keen to share the slower paced experience of making tableware as an activity that compliments a passion for food and service. Having realised the benefits pottery had on her own wellbeing, that counteracts the often stressful environment of the kitchen and service, Yasmin wanted to share an alternative way to approach food while encouraging mindful and hands on play. 

Participants enjoyed a three part, weekly workshop where they learnt a range of hand building and wheel production techniques to make pottery that can be enjoyed with food. 

The use of space, materials and firing was generously provided by The Kiln Rooms open studios, Peckham SE London, as part of a community outreach element of Yasmin’s graduate residency program at the studio.

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